The CLEE Core Leadership Practices

The Practices

How Were the Core Practices Developed?

The core practices were developed by CLEE Research from Rhode Island schools and supporting research: 

CLEE Research in Rhode Island Schools

  • Braun, Billups, Gable, Mullen, and LaCroix's Improving Equitable Outcomes found that the more leaders and educators implement the Core Leadership Practices, the greater the outcome for students, especially those who have been underserved.

  • Braun, Billups, and Gable’s, Closing Intraschool Achievement Gaps to Braun, Billups, and Gable's Leadership Practices to Increase Equity

  • Braun, Gable and Kite’s, Situated in a Community of Practice breaks “Building Capacity” into subcategories of Building Capacity to (a) Teach, (b) Collaborate, and (c) Lead.

Supporting research

How are the practices assessed? 

CLEE developed and uses a Learning Community Survey with schools to help them diagnose their current reality and next steps toward further enacting the core leadership practices.