Continuous Cycles of Improvement are Creating Real Change at Southside

This year CLEE has the privilege of working with the amazing educators in the Southside Elementary Charter School to embed cycles of improvement in their practice. On the first day of leading these committed educators in school improvement, it was evident they were a community focused on creating equitable outcomes for all of their students. At the end of the first day, a participant shared that while the work was a lot, they were ready to do it.

This work allows schools to unpack the strengths and inequities through collaborative data analysis, allowing them to determine their baseline and identify key instructional and leadership improvements to focus their attention on. For example, Southside participants noted that the sessions helped them understand the importance of having a flashlight view to bring clarity to the data versus a hammer view to use data to find blame. It was critical for them to take a step back to remain unbiased as they looked at their data to avoid jumping to conclusions. This allowed them to better analyze the data and see what they need to improve to support their students. 

As we prepare for our final session together, it is the deep reflection of this community, seen below,  that reminds us of our ability to ensure all students have their unlimited potential unleashed as we fully engage in the deep work of continuous improvement. 

Reflections highlights from the dedicated staff: 

“I learned about the Plan Do Study Act cycle and how we can use these methods in school with our students. Additionally, I learned how to analyze and identify the root cause of inequities to give the kids the best education.”

“I really enjoyed and appreciated how much time we had to share and collaborate with colleagues in today's session. It was very insightful to hear what is happening in other classrooms throughout the school.”

“I learned how to reflect on my practice as an educator, in order to develop change ideas that will support students and other teachers. During this session, it was important to recognize our students' needs and how we could scaffold them to reach their full potential.” 

If you are seeking to engage your entire community in leading school improvement using equity practices in a cohesive, collaborative environment, then please contact us to learn more about how we can partner together.

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