Janelle Clarke-Holley's experience as our new PRN Facilitator and Leadership Development Coach


Prior to arriving at CLEE, I was not familiar with the organization’s work. Now that I have the opportunity in my role as coach, advisor and facilitator, I am able to learn through hands-on experiences how we work towards accomplishing our mission, which is to provide leaders with professional learning and support to create equitable outcomes for students in our schools in RI. This has shown me first hand the meaningful and resourceful work that CLEE has been engaged in for almost two decades. Working in both overarching programs,  the Principal Residency Network and Learning Leader Network, have taught me a great deal as I support others in enhancing their skills and knowledge as educators. 

To capture one of the most unique/innovative aspects of the PRN program in the way that it seeks to develop school leaders is difficult. These would be my top three. First, since this program is residency based it provides the aspiring leaders with hands-on experiences that support them to construct a true understanding with added value to the work they seek to do. Secondly, the PRN alumni network is far-spreading and can serve as a valuable resource within the state. Lastly, the mission of the PRN program is a big part of my core beliefs regarding championing educational equity to improve student achievement for all students.

During my short time here, I have truly grown both as a learner and a leader. My knowledge in dismantling systemic inequities that exist has grown exponentially. I am able to take time to reflect and research what helps leaders engage in continuous development and growth as they seek to impact student achievement in order to educate the whole child. My learning in adult learning theory has been broadened as well as I work daily to embed those practices in the curriculum we provide to our participants. The knowledge, skills, and opportunities I have engaged in while at CLEE have made me a better educator. 

My greatest aspiration as I continue to work within the CLEE community is that I will be able to support and encourage educational leaders to feel knowledgeable and empowered to make decisions that allow for all students in our state to achieve at the highest levels. 

Curious? What might your PRN leadership journey look like in the near future?

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