Make Your Team Meetings More Effective with CLEE Practices

Do your team meetings feel engaging and leave you charged up with purpose and new learning, as well as suggesting tools and strategies to enact next steps? Do you get a lot done together in a short amount of time? Or do you find yourself thinking that could have been accomplished in email? CLEE can help make your team time more effective and help you advance your improvement goals.

Team collaboration is key to successful implementation. We are experts on helping you strengthen team collaboration to meet your goals. We will start with data to identify keystone starting points and target improvement in those areas. Many of our partners see results in their student learning outcomes within one year.

By injecting Facilitative Leadership and Continuous Improvement practices into your team planning and leadership, your team can successfully implement  whatever they are setting out to implement, whether it is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging practices, MTSS, Social-Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, or something else.

Michelle Li, Director, Learning Leader Network 

Research tells us when adults collaborate, it leads to increased equitable outcomes in student learning. We can help you build shared leadership within your team and create effective and engaging agendas to make your work together something everyone looks forward to and ultimately moves the needle on student learning.