Strengthening Collaborative Leadership by Considering Other's Perspectives

Since the spring of 2021, CLEE has had the opportunity to partner with the leadership team of the Central Massachusetts Collaborative in an ongoing series of workshops strengthening their capacity in facilitative leadership.

These leaders have engaged in a collaborative practice that has enhanced their support of one another. In the workshops, they have used protocols to analyze data, reflect on their dispositions and practices and discuss research based texts.  They have shared professional dilemmas and deepened their understanding of the context in order to give sustainable feedback to each other.

It has been so exciting to see the impact the work is having within their community.  Leaders have  reflected that they “gained knowledge on how to increase collaboration with my staff” and that they were “challenged … to  slow down to consider perspectives of others.” Another shared that, “Reflecting on why I got into education refreshed my passion.”  

As we continue our partnership, we will build on the strengths of this dynamic team from the CMC to explore how shared leadership and self inquiry can support their vision to unleash the full, unlimited potential of each and every one of their students.

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