Empowering Education Leaders to Transform Their Instructional Practices and Systems

CLEE’s nationally-recognized programs drive student success by developing shared leadership to address the root causes of educational inequities, transforming instructional practices and systems.


Imagine YOUR SCHOOL filled with children that had their unlimited potential and joy unleashed each and every day. What would that feel like?

CLEE’s programs provide the tools  to make that vision a reality, transforming systems and educator capacity to address the root causes of educational inequities.

Why does educational inequity persist despite decades of effort trying to eradicate it? While well-intentioned, accountability policies and traditional professional development are not delivering the results we want. Worse, these efforts can exacerbate inequities by sorting and labeling students, reinforcing stereotypes, and blaming--rather than empowering--educators to learn together and take risks. This has led to a breakdown in collaboration among stakeholders. Only by working together can students, families, educators, administrators, and policymakers solve this problem.

CLEE’s nationally-recognized programs have proven success in creating the environment for transformational change in instructional practices and systems.  By using a human development approach to address these barriers, we create common understanding, allowing stakeholders to be receptive to growth and committed to equity.  Our practices are based on research and data-driven models, utilizing methodologies with two decades of measured success, and incorporating continuous cycles of improvement based on empirical research. CLEE’s programs are centered on real-world experience, provide authentic, community-based, transformational learning. We engage educators to understand inequities in their systems, identities, and beliefs to improve the instructional core. By creating trust and openness to experimentation, improved high and equitable outcomes are made possible.

CLEE is ready to meet you where you are, and support you throughout the process.  We offer comprehensive tailored programs for system-wide solutions, providing educators and administrators the flexibility to focus narrowly or broadly based on needs and resources. And our community networks foster a supportive, collaborative approach that encourages continuous learning and improvement.

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